Web Template or Web Designer?

Web Template or Web Designer? Budget is limited right? But you need a pro website for your new business and that web designer’s quote was too high right? So you gonna do it yourself? (or get nephew Jimmy to do it for peanuts, after all he is a computer whizkid at only 13 years old)? Maybe a web template is the answer – they are so cheap compared… find out which is best for you.

Web Template or Web DesignerSo a DIY Web Template it is then? Well you need web design skills if you are gonna do it yourself… and the software… and what about registering the right domain name… setting up email accounts for all the staff… getting the right type of web space to host the site… how you gonna add a web form? Oops! that will cost mega-bucks!

Erm, so maybe web templates ain’t so cheap after all? But Web Templates looked so cheap!

Well, Well, Well, a pro web designer is undoubtedly worth the money if you have the budget. He/She will build you a customised web site with your business logo, snazzy imagery in your brand colours, nicely laid-out text and menus. They may add a little Flash animation to create impact and a online contact form that helps your prospective customers contact you from the website. SOUNDS GREAT!

But your website needs to do a lot more that look pretty. The more professional and experienced web designer will go a few steps further, beyond the bells and whistles. He/She will make sure the code is validated to W3C standards, it is accessible to the disadvantaged, it works in all modern browsers such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Mozilla and Safari. They will ensure the content is search optimised with keywords for Google and Yahoo, etc. They test all the links work. They’ll submit the site to the search engines that matter. They will install a ‘hit counter’ so you can check how your site visits are coming on. And best of all they will give you honest and practical advice on all things web, stuff they have learned over the years. Because they’re web design experts.

DIY web templates are just the beginning and if looks got you to the top of Google then I’d say GO FOR A WEB SITE TEMPLATE. But the reality is the web is too big and competitive for you NOT to get the web designer in. Get serious about your website, it’s a major part of your online marketing mix after all. Our opinion is GET A WEB DESIGNER – it’ll pay for itself.

Yep, there are thousands of web templates very cheap but the Google and Yahoo top 10 don’t seem to list them – enough said! Try these, they may help:

  • G-Force UK Web Templates example of web templates
  • Digital Idiom UK Web Design Customised / Bespokeweb sites
  • W3C Web Standards World Wide Web Consortium
  • Google WebMaster Search Tips So is it web template or web designer?

… good luck !!

NOTE: by Harry Spirali, a web design consultant for Digital Idiom UK Web Design – he helps advise on web development, design and search engine optimisation in the UK. Visit web designers www.digitalidiom.co.uk

 Web Template or Web Designer?

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